The Gorgas Course in Tropical Dermatology 1-5 April 2019

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The Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia of Lima, Peru, the University Of Pennsylvania Department Of Dermatology and the Gorgas Institute of Tropical Medicine of University of Alabama, in a joint academic effort, are offering a one week course on tropical dermatology. The course is directed to all dermatologists, residents in dermatology, and those interested in dermatological tropical disease from all around the world. The course is based on the long and well-recognized success reached by the Gorgas course on Tropical Medicine. The Hospital Cayetano Heredia and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Tropical Medicine (as part of the UPCH) are the national referral center for infectious diseases, including tropical dermatology. These cases draw from a population of 32 million people living in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

The faculty will be provided by the UPCH Hospital Cayetano Heredia dermatology and tropical medicine services (many of them part of the regular faculty in the main Gorgas course), as well as by the Department of Dermatology of the University of Pennsylvania.

The purpose is to make all attendees familiarized with the epidemiological, clinical, laboratorial and histological aspects of many of tropical dermatology, as well as instruct the students in the principles of the therapy for such diseases, in a hands-on, unique experience.




The teaching methodology to be used in the course will include:

  • Daily 2 hours of lectures on different entities, including viral, bacterial, mycobacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases.
  • Daily 2 ½ hours of clinical rounds, where live patients will be presented, and discussed in front of the students.
  • Daily afternoon sessions where different subjects will be discussed, including dermatopathology in tropical dermatology, molecular biology, and laboratory diagnosis (as well as a special session on leprosy)



The venue of the course is the Hospital Cayetano Heredia of Lima, Peru, and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Tropical Medicine next to the hospital.


Maximum number of participants:

12 maximum. Targeted to physicians, nursing professionals, physician assistants, and public health professionals.


35 CME credits will be provided by the University of Alabama


Tuition for 2019 is $1,700 (US$), and includes transportation from a residential area in Lima to the Hospital and back at the end of the day.

Once admitted as a participant you must guarantee your registration with 30% of the total amount, which corresponds to $ 510 online: You can pay easily and securely through our online store: (Instructions on how to pay, click here).

This amount will not be refundable if the participant cancels his participation. Deadline payment: February 30, 2019. 

Each student is responsible for the travel expenses to Lima and housing expenses during the course. Rooms will be reserved in a central area to facilitate travel together each day and attendees will be able to select from rooms beforehand.


  1. Attending students are encouraged to present a case
  2. Receipt of payment
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