Mycology Laboratory

The mission of Mycology Laboratory of IMT AvH  is:

  • To provide mycological diagnosis´ services to the patients of Cayetano Heredia National Hospital and those referred from other hospitals in the country.
  • To  train national and international health workers, undergraduate and post –graduate students of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia ( UPCH )
  • Develop research with the participation of highly qualified human resources and the use of new technologies.

An average of 4000 samples are processed per year at this lab and is considered a reference laboratory for the diagnosis of fungal diseases. Since 2005 the laboratory of mycology successfully passes the performance evaluations of the American College of Pathologists , for testing ink , latex agglutination for C. neoformans and identification of yeasts and since 2010 for in vitro susceptibility testing for yeast .

The areas of interest are related to the epidemiology of candidiasis and cryptococcosis , detection of yeasts to antifungal resistance in the Peruvian population and the antifungal activity of products from plants . Also, since 1999 the laboratory staff involved in clinical research studies with new antifungal drugs.


Research Areas

  • Epidemiology of prevalent mycosis on Peru
  • Epidemiology of prevalent Mycosis on HIV patients:.
  • Drug resistance fungus



Laboratory Coordinator:

bustamante   Beatriz Bustamante, MD


Research Team: 


  • Rosario Rojas, Ph.D
  • Edgar Neyra, MSc
  • TM. Susy Araníbar
  • Tec. Lab. Rosario Velando
  • Tec. Lab. Susana Grigoletto

Collaboration and Funding

Relevant Publications

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  • Culture
  • Serological test: 

           -A. fumigatus

           -Aspergillus spp.

           -H. capsulatum 

           -P. brasiliensis 

           -Latex aglutination for C. neoformans



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