HTLV-1 Research Unit

We are a multidisciplinary group committed to investigate a neglected and complex infection such as a T-cell lymphotropic virus human type 1 (HTLV-1).

The HTLV-1 infection is endemic in Peru. It is estimated that approximately 2% of the Peruvian population could be infected with this virus. The main transmission routes are horizontally transmitted by sexual contact and organ transplantation and vertical transmission through breastfeeding. Although it's been almost 30 years since the first associations of HTLV-1 with diseases such as lymphoma / leukemia in adult T cells and tropical spastic paraparesis / myelopathy associated with HTLV-1, still unknown why some people develop these diseases while most remain asymptomatic throughout their lives.

We study the epidemiological, clinical, immunological, virological and genetic aspects related to HTLV-1. We work with a cohort of patients with HTLV-1 infection of about 4,200 people who are invited for clinical follow-up and family study, in order to prevent the transmission of infection, prevent the development of diseases associated with HTLV-1 in their carriers and to identify factors related to the pathogenesis of the associated diseases.




Head of Group

gotuzzo  Dr. Eduardo Gotuzzo

Clinical Coordinator

 fernando Dr. Fernando Mejía 

Basic Science Coordinator

talledo  Dr. Michael Talledo 


Research team:

  • Martin Tipismana Barbaran
  • Elsa González
  • Carolina Alvarez Mejía
  • Giovanni López Campana
  • Jason Rosado Sandoval
  • Jessica Cuenca Iglesias
  • Yessica Ramos Lara
  • Claudia Ocampo Acuña
  • Lorena Bernia Zavala
  • Andrés Posadas Yabar
  • Jorge Rúa Fernandez
  • Elisa Valdez Guillermo
  • Viviana Quintana Capcha
  • Yovana Campos Guevara

Collaboration and funding

Recent Projects

  • “Design of a rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for HTLV-1 diagnosis”. En ejecución. Third framework agreement programme between DGCD and ITM (FA3, 2008-2013/2016).
  • Identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets for human T-lymphotropic virus 1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis in Peru. En ejecución. Financiamiento VLIRUOS. Partner Universidad Católica de Lovaina –Bélgica
  • Selección de biomarcadores proteicos asociados a la presencia de Paraparesia Espástica Tropical en pacientes HTLV-1 positivos: En ejecución. Financiamiento: Fondo concursable UPCH 2012.


Relevant Publications



Contact Information


AddressIMTAvH, 2do piso. 

Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia 

Av. Honorio Delgado 262Urb. Ingeniería, San Martin de Porres. Lima - Perú. 



  • 51-1 4823903
  • 51-1 4823910 (ext 15) 
  • 995581333


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