HIV Research Unit

This group performs an observational, analytical and longitudinal study, which aims to describe the characteristics of HIV infection in the population treated at the Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia. So far it has enrolled nearly 4,000 patients receiving specialized National Health Strategy for Prevention and Control of STIs , HIV and AIDS care. Among the main stand variables followed mortality; response assessment , failure , adherence and side effects to antiretroviral treatment ; opportunistic infections and malignancies ; and close monitoring of the behavior and presentation of cases of tuberculosis in this group of patients.





fernando Dr. Fernando Mejía 

Research Team:

  • Dr. Juan Echevarría
  • Dr. Eduardo Gotuzzo
  • Dra. Elsa González
  • Dra. Gabriela Carriquiry
  • Dr. Daniel Hoces
  • Dr. Miguel Montenegro
  • Lic. Dyana Guardia
  • Lic. Suzeth Atahualpa
  • Tec. Elisa Sani



Collaboration and Funding



Recent Projects

  • Cohorte del Virus de Inmunodeficiencia Humana y de SIDA
  • Bases de datos internacionales para evaluar VIH/SIDA



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Contact Information


Address: IMTAvH, 1er piso

Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia

Av. Honorio Delgado 262

Urb. Ingeniería, San Martin de Porres. Lima - Perú.




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