World Malaria Day- April 25th


Malaria is a important public health problem for Peru and worldwide. According to the latest WHO report, malaria cases were 219 million worldwide and there were an estimated 435000 deaths. In Peru, in 2018, 42 644 cases of malaria were reported, being Loreto the department with the highest number of cases (96%).

Malaria is a disease that is preventable and curable, which is why the WHO established since April 25th as World Malaria Day, in order to promote investment in the development of strategies to help prevent and control it, as well as maintaining political and social commitment in order to achieve the elimination of malaria.

In Peru, in commemoration of this date, a meeting will be held this April 25th ,organize by the Peru’s Health Ministry (MINSA) in colaboration with the division of metaxenic diseases and the Instituto de Medicina Tropical Alexander von Humboldt (IMT-AvH), in the auditorium of the Child Health National Institute of San Borja, where the actions that are being developed in the country will be shared, in addition to the process of eliminating malaria, the challenges achieved together with the public and private sectors. Finally, we look forward to exchange experiences with other countries in the region that have achieved control over this disease.

If you want to join us in this meeting, please enter this link: