VectorBase Hands-on Workshop



The Malaria Group of Universidad Peruano Cayetano Heredia together with the International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research (ICEMR) of the Amazon have the pleasure of organizing the "VectorBase Hands-on” workshop, sponsored by the project "Translational Research Development for Endemic Infectious Diseases of Amazonia "(FOGARTY 2D43TW007120-11ª1).

VectorBase is a Bioinformatics Resource Center (Bioinformatics Resource Center, BRC) focused on invertebrate organisms that are vectors of human pathogens. It is also one of the four Bioinformatics Resource Centers in the world that provides web-based resources to the scientific community and supports basic / applied research on organisms that cause both emerging and re-emerging diseases and also those organisms that are considered potential biological war agents or bioterrorism.

All VectorBase resources are available to the research community free of charge, under the General Public License (GNU-General Public License).

VectorBase currently hosts sequence data of 40 genomes. It also provides data, transcriptomics, proteomics and population biology, both from colony and field specimens for an even wider selection of species.

 The goal of the one-day workshop in Iquitos is to offer practical sessions with data, tools and resources of VectorBase to scientists working in medical entomology and vector biology to have.


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